About Pledge Reports

This article provides information about Pledge Reports and links to steps to run Pledge Reports from two locations.

Pledge Reports can be run from the Fund Detail Screen and provides results for the selected fund, or the report can be run from Reporting in Giving and provides an opportunity to get results for all Pledges and their progress.

If the organization has the “Associated Organizations” feature enabled, an option is displayed in the Pledge Report configuration to “group report by organization.” Users can select which of their Associated Organizations and Funds to include on the report. The report also includes pledge status.

The Pledge report can separate the pledges that have been updated since they were added to the system. The main use for this is so added and updated pledges can be viewed separately. Running this report without configuring the report this way results in all the pledges that have been added to the system during a specified time frame. Filtering for only pledges that have been updated helps you identify the pledges that may need to be updated in another system. 

Pledge report results can be emailed to desired Associated Organizations. Click here to find out more about creating customized emails to report pledge results to Associated Organizations.

A Donor may have multiple Pledges per Fund, and may appear on report results multiple times due to giving multiple Pledges. The Report is grouped by Fund and is always ordered by the Fund Name.

The Pledge Report can be sorted by:

  • Donor’s Name (Last Name First)
  • The total amount of the Pledge
  • Date (Start and End Date of the Pledge)
  • Frequency (Monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Balance owed

Check this out for more information about Running a Pledge Report from the Fund Detail Screen or Running a Pledge Report from Reporting in Giving.

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