About Stripe and how the Integration works with Mission Pathways

This article provides information about Stripe and how the integration with Mission Pathways works.

If an organization wants to accept payments, they would set up an account in Stripe as a customer of Mission Pathways. It is not their own direct Stripe account that they might have already, it works through the Mission Pathways account. 

Mission Pathways uses Stripe on their Connect Custom platform. This allows Mission Pathways to present Stripe data within the Mission Pathways application to help the church easily see their activity.

When the church accepts payments through a form, the registrant enters their credit card or bank account directly into a Stripe screen outside of the Mission Pathways site. Stripe sends Mission Pathways a transaction number to verify the payment has been made, which then shows up on the Mission Pathways Payments page for the event as well as in the Inform module.

The payment goes from the registrant’s account (charge or bank) directly to Stripe without ever hitting a Mission Pathways bank account.

Stripe will wait for the payment to clear, and then deposit the money into the church’s bank account, minus the fees. Click here to see current fee structure. 

The church can see the payments that came in per registration in Mission Pathways. 

The church cannot see the deposits made to their bank account because that is not a feature at this time. Reports can be sent to the churches upon request after the events showing the deposits. 


Complete the following to walk through the steps to begin the integration with Stripe.

1. Click on the Settings icon on the homepage.

2. Click on Integrations on the main menu.

3. Click on Stripe and follow the directions.



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