How a Donor Texts to Give using an existing Online Giving Account

This article describes the Text to Give process when a donor wants to text a one time gift using an existing Online Giving account.

The donor wants to text a one time gift to the organization so they don’t have to go to the website. They have an existing Online Giving account that has a phone number linked to it and a method of payment, which are both necessary for Text to Give.

The donor begins by texting a desired gift amount and fund code to the Text to Give phone number the organization has provided.

The system identifies the phone number and payment method.

The simple text of 25 offertory is understood. The system replies with a message confirming the gift. “Your gift of $25.00 to Weekly Offertory is successfully processed. Here is your confirmation receipt #:CR9LKBUOP9. Thanks for your gift.”

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