About Credit Card Offset Processing Costs

This article explains how an organization can offset the cost of Credit Card Processing for funds that accept credit cards.   

An organization can enable an option in Settings that allows a request for a slightly larger donation to help offset credit card processing costs for all funds that accept credit cards. This offset can be edited at anytime for future gifts and will not affect any gifts already set up. This feature only applies to gifts. It does not apply to pledges. 

Once set up in the system Settings, the option is viewable and you are able to turn this feature on within individual funds by ensuring the option is checked during the fund setup. The description presents to the user in the fund form and reflects whatever has been setup for the offset; either a percent of 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% or 5% or a flat fee the organization has chosen.

If enabled, this option is visible for Managed Gifts and when a donor creates an account while creating a gift. 

The Donor is also given an option to increase the amount given when choosing to make a donation with a credit card. When a donor is setting up a gift, after they have selected to give using a credit card, the system asks them to increase their donation by the amount configured in this setting. If the donor chooses to do that, their donation is increased by that amount. Click here to view an example.

When an administrator is updating a managed gift and/or if a donor is editing a non managed gift, they can can add or remove the credit card offset. The option is available and viewable to them only if the credit card offset is enabled. The edits reflect on the Activity History.

Note* The credit card offset is not actually a fee, but a request to increase a donation amount to help with fees.  

Contact OSV's technical support to get more information about your organization's credit card fees.

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