Set up a New Online Fund

This article provides steps and information to fill out the Fund Set up Form to complete the process of adding a New Online Fund.

An organization can set up an online Fund to collect donations. There is no limit to the number of Funds that can be created. If desired, a Fund can be featured as well to appear larger than others and stand out at the top of the Fund list on a public site.


Complete the following steps to set up a new fund using the New Fund Form:

1. From Giving, go to Fundin the main menu and click on the New Online Fund button.


Enter information into the New Online Fund Setup Form.

2. Enter the Fund Name. The Fund Name you enter will be the name the donors see. (If you are using Parish Data Systems for your Church Management Software, this needs to be the Activity Name to be able to import into your system.)

3. Enter the Fund Number if applicable. This only needs to be completed if you are going to import your file from another Church Manager System (CMS). The Fund Number is how you will tie this particular fund to your CMS.

4. Select whether a fund is Tax Deductible. (Funds that are not tax deductible will be excluded from the Tax Report.)

5. If you have Associated Organizations enabled (typically used by dioceses), you can select to allow donors to choose to give to the fund on behalf of an Associated Organization. It can be marked as required or optional. If you wish, check the box to display this fund on a parishes Online Giving site as well.

6. If you have Multiple Merchant Deposit accounts enabled, select the Deposit Account.

7. Select Accepted Payment Types. The available payment types are visible because the organization enabled them. Select which of the available payment options you would like to accept for the fund. The accepted payment methods can be edited

8. Gift Frequency Options. Staff can control the frequency presented to donors.

9. Optionally, select if you want to offer donors the option to Offset Credit Card processing costs. This option will only be offered on the form if previously turned on in Settings. The offset can be set to a percentage or flat amount.


10. Select to display the fund on a public giving site. This allows donors to create gifts and pledges for this fund from the online giving page. Funds that are not online will be considered internal only funds. 

11. Select the public Gift Options from the drop down menu to accept gifts only, accept pledges only or to accept pledges and gifts. This may be a helpful feature for some of the diocese who use pledges as a way to track money flowing in.


12. Schedule Fund Dates.  The beginning and end dates will allow you to schedule when to accept donations. If the current date is before or after your scheduled fund date, the fund will not display in the public fund list.  If you want the fund to be available right away, do not check the box. A fund must be live to be activated on the scheduled start date; a fund in “draft” status will not be activated.

13. If you have enabled Text to Give, you can optionally enter  Text to Give Fund Code for donors to easily reference the fund when sending text gifts. Code must start with a letter, be alphanumeric, and contain no spaces. For more information, please see About the Text to Give Fund Code.

In order to utilize text to give, the frequency selected when setting up the fund must include One Time Gift. If the frequency selection one time gift is removed from the fund, the user experiences a warning alert that the Text to Give code will be removed. 

14. Click Continue to process and move forward through the form.

15. Select if you would like to Add a Campaign to track a set goal. Campaigns help track the collection of a goal. If adding a campaign, enter the goal, start dat, and end date. The campaign can begin anytime but there can only be one campaign at a time.

16. If you wish, select the checkbox to show campaign progress and goal on the public site.

17. Select to allow pledges to be made online. Check this out for more information to Set Up Fund to Enable Donors to Make Online Pledges.

18. Select to send customized pledge statement emails which override the default gift statement message that can be sent to donors with pledges. Verify the reply to email, enter a subject line and craft the custom message utilizing rich text formatting tools. 

Click on Preview to see how it looks. Click on Close Preview to close preview and continue.

19. Select to send customized pledge thank you emails which override the default thank you message that can be sent to donors with pledges. Verify the reply to email, enter a subject line and craft the custom message utilizing rich text formatting tools. 

Click on Preview to see how it looks.  Click on Close Preview to close preview and continue.

20. If enabled, add Additional Pledge Options by selecting the box of the desired options.

21. Click the Continue button.

22. Select if this is a Featured Fund. Featured funds have additional visual highlighting to draw attention to them. There can only be one featured fund at a time.

23. Upload Fund Image. By uploading an image, you state that you own or otherwise control all the rights to the image.

24. Enter a brief Description about the fund utilizing rich text formatting tools.

25. Enter Suggested Gift AmountsEnter the amount, click on the plus sign, or press enter, and the amount will populate in the box.


26. Select the box to provide a special note input area for the donor to create notes on a Gift or Pledge. (e.g., in memory of…)

27. Click Continue.

28. If desired, check Add custom confirmation message. The message will greet your online donors once they have set up their online gift. It can be edited anytime from the fund detail screen. Create a custom message using the rich text formatting tools.

29. If desired, check Add custom email thank you message to the email that will be sent to the donor once their gift has been submitted. Create a a custom message using the rich text formatting tools. A custom email thank you message can be enabled or disabled in the future.

30. Click Continue.

31. Review and Edit Fund. To go to a specific section to edit, click on any pencil icon. To get back to the fund review screen, click on the number 5 circle.

If desired, click on the button to Preview the Public Fund.


32. Set Fund to draft. Check this box if you are not ready to start accepting gifts. This sets the fund to draft. It can be set to live at anytime in the fund detail.

33. Click on Create Fund.


The Fund is set up!

34. On the congratulatory page, click on the clip board icon to copy and share the live Parishioner Link. It can be copied and shared via email or your website.  It can also be included it in your bulletins and newsletters.

35. Click on this icon to launch the donor site and see the new fund. 

Check this out for links to more information on Funds.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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