Giving Detail Report

This article provides steps to run a Giving Detail Report and information on viewing basic Report Details.

The Giving Detail report shows the details for any donations that occur during the selected time frame and for the funds selected. A Diocese Giving Administrator can run the giving detail report by associated organization so they can see the giving for a particular Associated Organization.

If Organizations is enabled, the Giving Detail Report results can be emailed to desired Associated Organizations. Click here to find out more about creating customized emails to report pledge results to Associated Organizations.

If Organizations is enabled the Giving Detail Report can be filtered by Organization. The report’s Overview provides a summary of the Gifts segmented by Funds, Donor Types, and Payment Methods. The summary also provides information about the Total number of Gifts, Total Amount of Gifts, Refunds that were processed during the time frame and any Rejections or Corrections that were received during the time frame.

Individual Fund Cards provide individual summaries by Source (How the funds came in), Donor Types (Managed Account, Directory, Regular Account and Guest)and Payment Method for each Fund, along with the information about the Total number of Gifts, Total Amount of Gifts, Refunds that were processed during the time frame and any Rejections or Corrections that were received during the time frame for that individual fund.

For more information and analysis on individual funds click on the Show Transactions button. The following link explains further what data is included. Analyze Fund Transactions on the Giving Detail Report.

Complete the following steps to run the Giving Detail Report:

1. From Giving click on Reporting.

 2. Select Giving Detail as the Name of the report.

3. Configure the Report by selecting from either the Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Year To Date, Last Year  or choosing a Custom Date Range using the calendar to set the dates.

4. Select the Report Timeframe. (Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Year to Date, Last Year, Custom Date Range.)

5. Select the Funds to include in the report. Select specific funds by clicking the dropdown and selecting the box beside that particular fund or click the check box at the top to select all funds.  Use the search field at the top to type in part of the fund name to locate a fund quickly. 

6. Select the Organizations.

7. Select Fund Source. Multiple Fund Sources can be selected; Physical Contribution, Online Contribution, and Mobile Text Contribution. Physical Contribution includes Internal Only Funds and is viewable when the organization has Directory.  

8. Once you have selected your preferred options, click Run Report to populate a Detail Summary of the gifts. 

To make make changes to the report and run it again, make the change and click on the Update Report icon.


The Giving Detail generates two types of exports a PDF and a CSV:

A PDF is available for printing a Grand Total, Fund Subtotal and Individual Donor Transactions.

If Organization is enabled, when downloading the PDF of the Giving Detail Report there is an option to group by organization.

A CSV is available to see the the Individual Donor Details as well as the Credit Card Offset Amount. 

The Giving Detail report can provide the frequency at which the donor is giving; weekly, monthly, one time, etc. When a Giving Detail report is run,  the frequency can be viewed on the CSV once it is downloaded.

If Organizations is enabled, when downloading the CSV of the Giving Detail report it includes the Associated Organization name and the Associated Organization ID.

Note* Excluded funds are funds without contributions. They are listed to show they were selected for the report but had no transactions.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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