Set up a New Internal Only Fund

This article provides steps to Set up a New Internal Only Fund.

Churches may not desire all Funds to be shown externally. Some funds may be used within the church by staff for physical contributions, or a church may want the ability to keep a Fund Internal for privacy reasons.

Here are the steps to set up a new Internal Only fund using the New Internal Only Fund Form:

1. To begin, from Giving go to Funds and click on the New Internal Only Fund button.

Enter information into the New Internal Only Fund Setup Form.

2. Enter the Fund Name. The Fund Name you enter is the name the donors see. (If you are using Parish Data Systems for your Church Management Software, this needs to be the Activity Name to be able to import into your system.)

3. Enter the Fund Number if applicable. This only needs to be completed if you are going to import your file from another Church Manager System (CMS). The Fund Number is how this particular fund is tied to your CMS.

4. Select whether a fund is Tax Deductible. (Funds that are not tax deductible are excluded from the Tax Report.)

5. Check the box to allow donors to choose to give to the fund on behalf of an Associated Organization , if enabled.

6. Select the Deposit Account.

7. Select Accepted Payment Types. The available payment types are visible because the organization enabled them. The accepted payment methods can be edited

Select which of the available payment options you would like to accept for the fund from the list that displays based on the deposit account that has been selected.

An opportunity to  Offset Credit Card processing costs is offered when the credit card payment type is enabled. This is only offered on the form if previously turned on in Settings.


8. Select the desired Gift Frequency OptionsStaff can control the frequency presented to donors.

9. Do not select this box if creating an Internal Fund. This selection allows donors to create gifts and pledges for this fund from the online giving page. 

Funds that are online are not considered internal only funds. If your desire is to change and make the fund public now, then make the selection and continue setting up the form. You may want to click here for more information on setting up a new online fund.

10. Click on the Continue button to proceed.

11. Check the box if Internal Only Fund should be a Campaign. Campaigns help track the collection of a goal. 

12. Enter the Campaign goal.

13. Enter the Campaign start and end dates. A campaign can begin anytime, but there can only be one campaign at a time.

14. Check the box to send customized pledge statement emails which override the default gift statement message that can be sent to donors with pledges. 

Verify the reply to email, enter a subject line and craft the custom message utilizing the rich text formatting tools.

Click on Preview to view it. 

Click on Close Preview button to close preview and continue.

15. Check the box to send customized pledge thank you emails which override the default thank you message that can be sent to donors with pledges. 

Verify the reply to email, enter a subject line and craft the custom message utilizing rich text formatting tools. 

Click on Preview to see how it looks. 

Click on the Close preview button to continue.

16. Add Additional Pledge Options by selecting the box of the desired options.

17. Click on the Continue button to proceed.

18. Review and Edit Fund. Click on the corresponding pencil icon to go to a specific section to edit.  Click on the blue circle to get back to the fund review screen.

19. Click on the Create Fund button.

20. The new Internal Fund is created!


Check this out for more information on how to Delete or Archive an Internal Only Fund. And, check this out for links to more information about Funds.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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