Getting Started with Directory

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Search for a Family in the Directory

Add a New Family to Directory

Verify Changes

Public Registration Link

View Pending Family Registrations  

Giving Data Out of Sync  


Families and Members

Family Details

Change Family Name

Change Head of Household

Change Family Phone

Change Envelope Number

Set Diocesan ID

Register Family

Remove Registration

Deactivate Family

Reactivate Family

Request Updated Information

Update Address

Add Alternate Address

View Mailing System Address

Active Contributor Status Badge

Offertory Envelope Lists

Starter Sets

Add Tags

Notes & Private Notes


Family Members

Member Details

Add a Member to a Family

Update Name

Change Type

Update Contact Information 

Track Separately

Mark as Deceased

Edit the Date of Death

Move to another Family

Perform Divorce

Deactivate Member

Delete Member

Additional Information

Update Demographics

Update Employment

Safe Environment Certification


Add a Sacrament

Baptism Update General Information

Baptism Update Birth Information

Baptism Update Participants

Baptism Update Registry Information

Delete the Baptism Sacrament Record

Religious Education

View a Religious Education Student in the Directory

Pledges and Contributions

View Physical Contributions in Directory

Edit Physical Contributions in the Directory

Delete Physical Contributions in the Directory

View Pledge Details in Directory

Cancel a Pledge in Directory

Update a Pledge in Directory

View Pledge Progress in Directory


Locate and View Directory Activity


Delete Envelope Lists

Quick Tasks

Introduction to Quick Tasks

Add to Envelope List

Replace Envelope List

Assign Tag

Send Group Message

Export Contact Info

Download Labels

Request Updated Info

File Import

File Import for Tags and Notes


Reporting Overview

Family Contributions Report

Member List Report

Sacraments Report

Parish Statistics Report

Run a Tax Report for a Family or Member from the Directory


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